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For hundreds of years, humanity has passed on from generation to generation valuable knowledge about the agricultural economy. Farmers from around the world work in various conditions, using a variety of methods and techniques. Every day they prove their dexterity, knowledge and ability to adapt. However, the climate and global changes of our era pose new challenges to them more often than ever before.Progress is not only taking place in the fields of technology, medicine or digitization.

Agriculture in particular is undergoing enormous development processes. These changes are increasingly encouraging female and male farmers to reach for almost forgotten knowledge again, to optimize it and to integrate it into modern farming practices. Others, in turn, follow completely new and untypical ways.

 All with the common goal: to secure, also in the future, high quality food products for healthy and tasty nutrition and deliver natural resources.

As a company with traditions, we have been supplying farmers throughout Europe since 1964. We also always track demand and inventions. During this time, we met many ingenious inventions, ideas and concepts and in accordance with FAIE's corporate philosophy, "Quality is not a coincidence" it is another reason for us to bring the award for innovation to life.

We grant the FAIE Innovation Award to engaged farmers who are able to breathe a new life into their farm using innovative concepts, new ideas, technical inventions, new products, unique sales strategies, extraordinary services or special quality. We distinguish such farmers who are a model for next generations and thus they encourage others also to venture unusual steps and follow new routes in the future.

It should not be forgotten that often small things in life lead to creation of something big. 

  FAIE cordially invites you and all female and male farmers from Europe to apply for the FAIE Innovation Award. Inspire others with your project as a pioneer and help to pave the ways for future farming!

Berger MA – Manager &  FAIE Team Regau





Support for exemplary, future-oriented concepts including continuous progress in agriculture with taking into account profitability and long-term sustainability.
Key issues of the project, idea and concept:
  • animal breeding         
  • agrotechnics
  • direct sale
  • forestry
  • agricultural techniques
Innovation Award - honouring 

The honour with the „FAIE Innovation Award“ is enriched with a cash prize in the total amount of € 10,000. - 

1st place € 5,000.-
2nd place € 3,000.-
3rd place € 2,000. - 

The winners from among the nominated participants will be decorated and presented within the framework of the FAIE Innovation Celebration on the occasion of the "Innovation Day in Agriculture" on September 9, 2018 in Wels

Participants All farmers who run a farm or farming enterprise in Europe and are of legal age are eligible to participate. Young farmers may and should naturally submit a project as well (in such case, however, we need an attached statement of consent by a guardian). .
Applications - deadline for submission 

Please send application documentation and project presentation together with the completed APPLICATION FORM by 30.06.2018 (12:00 hours) at the latest to the following address:

 FAIE Handelsgesellschaft, Dep. Innovation, Handelsstraße 9, 4844 Regau, AUSTRIA

 or electronically:








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